Policies and Procedures

Terms and Conditions for Using the CvSSS Telehealth Policies and Procedures of RUIS McGill

These policies and procedures will facilitate the adoption of telehealth policies and procedures within each institution as regards the use of telehealth. Institutions may in fact affix their logo and name to appropriate them and thus significantly contribute to the implementation of a real integrated and virtual network of health and social services. Please note that the document was created in accordance with the rules, laws and procedures already in existence in Quebec, including those related to telehealth. This document was created by the Telehealth Expertise and Coordination Centre (CECoT) of CvSSS in collaboration with its regional coordinators and it shall be revised on a regular basis to reflect the best practices in telehealth.

Process of adjustment

Based on the general guidelines prescribed in ISO 12207, these telehealth policies and procedures of RUIS McGill should be used as follows: A. 1) Identification of the environment: any institution that includes telehealth in its basket of services must endorse these policies and procedures in their entirety in order to appropriate them. The institution may affix its logo and name, while respecting the intellectual property right of the MUHC. A. 4) Any adjustment-related decision and its justification must be documented by the titular institution and submitted to the MUHC for permission.

Legal Notice

Your access to and continued use of these policies and procedures constitutes your acceptance of and compliance with, the terms and conditions detailed under “Terms and Conditions for Using the Telehealth Policies and Procedures of RUIS McGill”. McGill University Health Centre. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All rights reserved. All information in these policies and procedures is copyrighted by the McGill University Health Centre. Users of these policies and procedures are granted limited permission to adopt them in their institution for professional, non-commercial use, provided that all adjustments follow the process detailed under “General Terms”. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior permission and the permission of the applicable rights holders. None of the information may be otherwise reproduced, re-disseminated or republished in any manner or form without the prior written consent of an authorized representative of the McGill University Health Centre.