Access to the Request

You require a user name and password to access the request. Here is a step-by-step description of the entire process:

  • Contact the CECoT to indicate your interest in using the request and obtaining information.
  • Define your user profile by reviewing the various profile definitions.
  • Fill up the form (available at the CECoT) corresponding to your profile and send it to the CECoT.
  • Once your profile is approved, a member of the CECoT team will contact you and provide you with your user name and password.
  • Training via videoconference is required in order to use the web request. To do this, check the online training schedules. A training module and a demo version of the request are also provided to familiarize you with the process.
  • A clinical coordinator is on hand to assist you when you first use the request, so as to complete your training.

If you have any questions, please contact the CECoT.

Important points regarding the request

Health Insurance Card (RAMQ):

  • Ensure that the card is valid to avoid rejection of the consultation request (refer to the RAMQ process regarding invalid cards on their website and ensure prompt treatment).
  • Verify the accuracy of demographic data and information linked to the card. Inaccuracies in the data may lead to a delay in assigning a file number at the provider site and thereby postpone the consultation process by the medical specialist.


  • Clearly identify the physician or group of physicians at the provider site to whom the request will be sent.
  • Specify the name or file number of the patient on the attachments so that it will be easier to trace the documents.


  • The responsibility for following up the teleconsultations with the patients or health professionals lies with the requesting site.


  • The patient’s attending physician at the requesting site must produce the prescription and fax it (since electronic prescriptions are not yet recognized in the healthcare system in Quebec).


  • As electronic clinical requests are used for teleconsultations in elective mode, contact the physician directly by phone in case of emergency.