Event coordinator (remote site)

The site coordinator (event coordinator located on a site outside the CECoT) must possess good general knowledge of telehealth to submit videoconferencing requests to the CECoT. His knowledge of the clinical setting will allow him to properly guide and direct the clinician in his request to the CECoT. He may also be the person who hosts the patient “on site”. He addresses the event coordinator in the CECoT for any request related to administrative support or knowledge updates.

In his institution, he is the person who is acknowledged as being the expert in these matters or the one to be contacted for making bookings related to telehealth activities.

Proposed Training Program (Available in French only)

1. Introduction to the basics of videoconferencing

Introduction guide to the basics of videoconferencing and checklist. It presents the basic skills required to successfully carry out a videoconferencing session.

icon-clock 10 minutes

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2. Procedure for making a videoconferencing (VC) request to the CECoT

Description of the steps involved in making a videoconferencing request to the Telehealth Expertise and Coordination Centre (CECoT). At the end of this module, the learner shall possess the skills and knowledge required to properly fill up the various booking request forms for videoconferencing (host site) and the videoconference registration form (participating site).

icon-clock 20 minutes

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3. Electronic clinical request (or Web request)

Learn how to use the Web request (“Atlas Telemed request”)

icon-clock 45 minutes

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icon-save ”Atlas Telemed” checklist (PDF)

4. Using videoconferencing technology

Improvement of one’s knowledge in order to carry out the installation, set up the room and handle the equipment safely. This is a complete guide that covers everything from the creation of a videoconferencing booking request form to the reading of the data sheet and to the autonomous implementation of videoconferencing sessions.

icon-clock 45 minutes

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