Teleconsultation in the requesting site

Given below is a list of teleconsultation activities in the requesting site. Mapping that summarize these actions can be found in the Policies and Procedures Section.

Teleconsultation request

For referring a patient to telehealth:

  • Make sure the request is eligible based on the type of services provided in telehealth.
  • The health care professional is in charge of providing complete explanations and answering any question or concern of the patient, relative and/or guardian. A pamphlet on telehealth is available for the patient.
  • Get the health care professional to sign the patient consent form for teleconsultation.
  • If the session is recorded, get the corresponding consent form signed.
  • Provide the desirable information before the telehealth activity, based on each type of consultation.
  • Fill up the web-based clinical request.
  • Send the request to the physician at the provider site if he is known. If not, forward it to the CECoT.

In case the network is down:

  • In situations of emergency, call or fill up the AH-226 DT medical consultation form (a dynamic electronic version of this form is available on the MSSS website) and fax it to the physician.
  • For elective cases, fill up the web-based clinical request once the network is restored.

If you have any questions (or wish to obtain a copy of an above document), please contact the CECoT.

Planning the teleconsultation

You will receive a confirmation date from the CECoT. Once you have obtained it, you must:

  • Book the following in your facility:
    • a videoconferencing room, ensuring that the room guarantees privacy;
    • videoconferencing equipment including clinical devices required for consultation, based on the specialty.
  • Check that the staff required for conducting the teleconsultation is available, as specified in the prerequisites of each clinical field.
  • Ensure that the participating staff (including the health care professional) knows how to properly use the videoconferencing equipment and medical devices. If not, then contact the CECoT for a training session before the teleconsultation.
  • Fill up the videoconferencing request form.
  • Confirm the date and time of the appointment to the patient.
  • In case of cancellation, notify the provider site and the CECoT (and the patient, if need be) as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact the CECoT.

Holding the teleconsultation

On the day of the teleconsultation, before the clinical activity begins:

  • Install the required videoconferencing equipment and medical devices and make sure that everything is working properly.
  • Greet the patient and o explain the teleconsultation proceedings to him; to help him to familiarize himself with the equipment and its functioning;
    • ensure that he has read the pamphlet meant for him;
    • check if he has received answers to all his questions;
    • inform or remind him that he has the right to terminate the telehealth session at any time during its course;
    • get him to sign the teleconsultation consent form, if this is not already done.
  • Keep in mind the etiquette and helpful tips regarding telehealth and provide local participants with the other guidelines for facilitating the session.

If you have any questions, please contact the CECoT.

Conclusion of the teleconsultation

  • Print the report and ensure the follow-up with the attending physician. The responsibility for ensuring follow-ups and patient management lies with the requesting physician except in certain situations that should be specified when implementing the service.
  • When the health professional from the provider site sends the teleconsultation report, store it in the paper or computerized file of the patient.
  • Complete the satisfaction questionnaires:
    • submit the questionnaires to the patient and health care professional;
    • collect them, if possible;
    • send the duly completed questionnaires to the CECoT by fax, email or post.

If you have any questions (or wish to obtain a copy of an above document), please contact the CECoT.