I have never organized a videoconferencing session before – What should I do?
  • Stay informed by reading the videoconferencing guidelines.
  • Note: if you need a PC, make sure there is one in the room that you have reserved.
    Otherwise, carry a laptop with you.
  • If you are making a presentation, bring it on a USB drive on the day of the presentation.
  • If you need technical assistance during the presentation, please make the necessary arrangements with the support services available in your institution (e.g. Multimedia).
  • If this is your first experience and you’re not very familiar with the videoconferencing system, mention it in the booking request and a MUHC TCC member will provide you with an overview of the system before your session.
What does the telehealth service include? The MUHC TCC of telehealth?
  • It receives your booking request and makes the reservation.
  • It provides the equipment required for a videoconferencing connection.
  • It provides remote support for the start of requested sessions.
  • It provides remote technical assistance if necessary, during the sessions.
When should I arrive for the session?
  • You should arrive 30 minutes before the session to ensure that everything is working properly before the session starts.
Will the telehealth technician be present throughout the session?
  • The MUHC TCC is on hand to provide remote technical assistance, if any technical difficulties arise. Should you require the presence of a telehealth technician during the entire session, consult your institution’s internal policy to find out about the process for booking a technician and the fees you may incur.
What should I do if a problem occurs during the session?
  • Click here for the section that will walk you through basic troubleshooting.
  • Contact the MUHC TCC at 514-412-4294 / 1 877 536-3202 (toll free in Quebec).
What are the costs/fees?
  • Fees vary according to the needs. Contact the MUHC TCC for a specific evaluation (Visio-cusm@muhc.mcgill.ca or 514-412-4294 / 1 877 536-3202 (toll free in Quebec).

I have been invited to take part in a webcast session – What should I do?

  • Please note that webstreaming is a service that is not supported by the MUHC TCC. Please contact your IT department for more information on this service.