The mission of the RUIS McGill Telehealth Office is to contribute more significantly to improving the public health of the RUIS McGill territory by providing specialized and super-specialized health services closest to home.


Through the implementation of a multipurpose infrastructure for this Office, the vision of RUIS McGill is to enable its partners to have better access to health care and to a network of exchange and communication both at the clinical, educational, administrative and research levels.


  • Increase accessibility of specialized care in rural and remote regions, as close to home as possible, by reducing travel, associated costs and stress, both for patients/families and for professionals.
  • Improve the quality of care in rural and remote regions by speeding up clinical decision-making, treatment and prevention of medical complications, particularly in the case of emergencies and trauma.
  • Promote continuity of care by avoiding interruptions in service to RUIS patients through mutual support among the UHCs for specialized care, and mutual support among the CSSS for first-line and second-line care (inter- and intra-regional support or inter- and intra-RUIS support).
  • Strengthen the capability of care providers in the regions to look after the clientele in their territory.
  • Promote regional retention and recruitment of health care professionals, especially in remote and rural regions.
  • Implement a sustainable, multipurpose (clinical, training, administrative) telehealth infrastructure that could be rolled out for provincial use.

The ultimate goal is to provide the public with better accessibility and continuity in specialized services, in keeping with the prioritization of care.