The Telehomecare project’s main objective is to ensure the targeted clientele has access to secure, adapted and integrated quality nursing care services, outside of the usual care settings. The patients of 12 establishments from the RUIS McGill and from the RUIS of UdeM are targeted by the project.

The project involves setting up the use of new information technology and communication to offer home care services for the patient with chronic lung disease, with diabetes, with pediatric cystic fibrosis or with high risk pregnancy (diabetes). The service will allow the health professionals to follow and support at a distance the patients in managing their diseases, to stabilize their health condition and prevent major decompensation.

The expected benefits are multiple:

  • For the patients: increase access to care and ensure continuity.
  • For the health care professionals: allow fast access to information and consultations from specialists, harmonize practices and is formative.
  • For the regions: develop local autonomy and support professional practice.

The project provides 6 phases of deployment, from March 2015 to March 2016.

Telehomecare is funded by Canada Health Infoway and the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Coordinating its implementation is ensured by the Agency for Health and Social Services of Montreal RUIS UdeM and RUIS McGill.